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Rice Husk

Eco-friendly and 100% natural - with zero waste!

Our rice husk kitchenware is 100% natural and a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging or melamine kitchenware.  Did you know that around half of the world’s plastic that pollutes our ecosystem is created for single use?  Often, it’s not recycled but instead it pollutes our waterways and clutters our landfills, often taking around 500 years to decompose.  


Our rice husk kitchenware is reusable and at end of life, fully compostable; in fact, they take a mere 90 days to biodegrade once crushed and added to your compost heap.  The responsible and eco-conscious choice, our naturally made rice husk products use up to 70% less CO2 compared with plastic, so by choosing our rice husk products, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and cutting waste!

Why Rice Husk?

Rice husks are a natural, agricultural waste product, derived from one of the world’s most widely produced cereal crops - we produce around 125 million metric tonnes of rice husk worldwide!  Historically, rice husks were simply incinerated but now they can be reused and renewed making these products extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. What a brilliant solution: reusing a product that otherwise would have been burnt!


Rice husk products are not only eco-friendly but also naturally insulating, so your coffee will stay hotter for longer! And as if those weren’t enough benefits, rice husks also have naturally occurring, antibacterial properties.  


At Elite, we provide an extensive eco-range of rice husk kitchenware, and products are  tailor-made and handpicked for their eco-friendly properties.  Our recyclable and reusable products really are the eco-conscious choice: enabling us all to reimagine a more sustainable future

How to care for your Rice Husk Kitchenware?

Rice husk items are 100% natural so some special care is essential to prolong the life of your product:


  • The silicone seals are 100% recyclable and removable to enable cleaning. Be sure to wash and dry the seals thoroughly before reinserting the seal into its track.  


  • Open the lids carefully - quick removal can cause the silicone seals to stretch or become loose overtime.


  • Unlike melamine, rice husk kitchenware can safely be used in the microwave but we prefer to advise against it just in case: after all, natural materials are worth preserving.


  • Rice husk kitchenware can safely be used in the dishwasher but, like many products, will last longer if washed by hand.  Avoid prolonged soaking.


Over time, some fading or changes to the glossy surface may occur: this does not affect the overall quality or functionality of your product. We have extensively trialed the coffee cups in our office and haven’t noticed any change, so to be clear these comments are as advised by the factory.

Remember, these products are 100% natural and are ultimately the best option for protecting our planet!

Travel Cups

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Take a taste of home with you wherever you go with our rice husk travel cups.

Storage Tubs

Our set of 3 storage tubs are a homewares necessity. 

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A stunning collection of Eco-friendly picnicware.

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