Elite are committed to protecting the environment for future generations, with environmental and ethical trading.

Elite Energy; Our site uses only zero carbon electricity that is 100% renewable - sourced solely from wind, solar and hydro.

Elite Products; Our tin boxes are made from steel, electro plated with tin, many thicknesses of tin plate, grades and tempers are available, we only use the best materials and A grade tin plate to ensure premium quality in colour, strength and finish. Tins are reusable and are 100% recyclable.

Elite Waste; Scrap tin sheet and recycled tins are smelted (turned into molten metal) and may be remade into new tin sheet or steel for industrial or commercial use, such as the construction, fencing, and automotive industries. Tins are biodegradable and will eventually rust if kept in a damp environment or accidentally buried in a land fill site.

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