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Case Study - Kofra Coffee

We worked with local coffee specialists Kofra Coffee.

Case Study - Kofra Coffee

Supporting local businesses has always been important to Elite, especially when it helps them to move away from single-use packaging.

In 2022, Elite worked with Kofra on creating a new reusable coffee tin for their customers.

Special Tin Features:

  • Custom Embossing - We produced custom toolng to emboss not just the kofra name but the full logo.

  • Custom Debossing - The logo and website has been specially debossed on the front and back of the tin to give the tin that extra edge.

  • Satin Finish

  • 4C colour printing, with special pantone yellow.

The Process

Reusable packing is a project that Kofra has been working on for some time. Then along came Elite and we were able to offer them a fantastic, high-quality solution - a bespoke coffee tin to keep those coffee beans fresh.

Kofra was clear on the intended purpose of the tin and therefore, knew the sizing that would be required. We also knew the tin needed to be airtight to ensure Kofra's great-tasting coffee beans maintained their freshness. During the consultation, it was decided that our plug lid would be the best option for this project along with the bespoke tooling to create a unique size fit for purpose.

Once the size and style were confirmed, we then moved on to the development of the artwork and the inclusion of any special features that we wanted to include. Kofra already has a successful range of merchandise available across their Norwich stores. It was now a case of transferring the key features of Kofras branding onto tinware and finding ways to make them stand out. Embossing and debossing are fantastic features that would help achieve this goal. On the lid, we opted to emboss the Kofra name with their signature logo. To offer a contrast, on the front of the tin, it was decided to deboss the logo. Working together to further add to the truly unique Kofra style.

As you can see from the Kofra website - the colours simply pop! It was vital that this level of vibrancy was also apparent on the tin. To ensure this was achieved, we combined special Pantone colour printing for their signature yellow with our satin finish.

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