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Case Study - Kofra Coffee

Add green credentials to your company with reusable packaging!

Case Study - Kofra Coffee

In 2022, Elite worked with local business Kofra Coffee to further their moves away from single-use packaging, something they have always been passionate about.

Enhanced Tin Features included: 

  • Custom Embossing to the lid

  • Custom Debossing front and back

  • Satin Finish

  • 4C colour printing, with special pantone yellow.

The Process

Reusable packing is a core theme that Kofra has been an exemplar of since inception. The challenge was to reduce the number of bags consumed, containing ground or whole beans. The solution - a bespoke coffee tin from Elitetins. This keeps the coffee beans, or ground coffee fresh, the business then supplying their coffee straight into the multi use tin which the customer brings back each time they are topping up.


Kofra was clear on the intended purpose of the tin and therefore, knew the sizing that would be required. We also knew the tin needed to be as airtight as possible, to ensure Kofra's great-tasting coffee beans maintain their freshness. During the consultation, it was decided a plug lid would be the best option for this project and new tooling to create a unique size.


Once the dimensions and style were confirmed, we then moved on to the development of the artwork and the decisions around which special features and finishes to use. Kofra already has a successful range of merchandise available across their Norwich stores to draw inspiration from. It was now a case of transferring the key features of Kofras branding onto tinware and finding ways to make them stand out. Embossing and debossing are fantastic features that would help achieve this goal. On the lid, they choose to emboss the Kofra name and logo. To offer a contrast, on the front of the tin, it was decided to deboss the logo. Working together this tin became a stand out product in itself, representing the brand.


Kofra's branding is bright and bold, the main logo colour includes yellow. It was vital that this level of vibrancy was also apparent on the tin. To ensure colour accuracy and brightness, we printed in 4 colour plus pantone yellow. Whilst a small additional cost, this meant the tin is as bright as it can be, another example of Elite's experience delivering customer satisfaction.


We can't wait to work with you on your special tins, do not hesitate to send us your enquiry.

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