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Design Features

Here we provide you with details of all the finishes and features that are available.

Design Features

It can be daunting when you start thinking about the your own tin, especially with all the terminology used when referring to the different finish and features available.

We want to make this journey as smooth and straight forward as possible. Below you will find a list of all the different enhancements that are available to choose from.


Glossy - gives your tin a high shine finish

Matt - produces a smooth textured finish

Satin - prodvide your tin with a high quality soft sheen finish

Metallic - highlights the natural metaliic properties


Embossing & Debossing - Bring key elements of your design to life by giving them some texture.

Stacking - We are able to produce tins that are able to stack neatly on top of eachother. Great space saver.

Windows - Provide your customers with a glimpse into your tin.

Handles - Handles can be added to help create products such as lunchboxes.

Coin Slots - coin slots can be include in a wide range of our tin shapes and sizes.

Tin Styles

Slip Lid - The lid simply slips over the top of the tin.

Twist Lid - Twist the lid into posistion to keep th contents fresh.

Plug Lids - Part of the lid sits into main body of the tin for a nice flush finish.

Hinged Lids - Hinges can be added to either a slip or plug lid.

Slider Tins - The lid works on rails so it can slid on and off the tin with ease.

Click Clack - Push the sides of the tin together and the lid will pop open.

Additional Features

If you have seen a style of tin that you like, which has a feature not listed above, speak to a member of our Sales Team for further information.

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